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Sunday, April 10th, 2005
1:47 pm - This journal is Friend Fucking Only
And now a word from our sponsors:

Comment if you want to be added.

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
10:05 pm - Say what?
Shaving my head has never felt so good.

It's weird that whenever I feel tired, I automatically feel lonely as well.
Almost makes you wanna loose all sensibility.

current mood: cold

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3:52 pm - Bad girls go to hell.

New Comic, I think I forgot to post a few issues here but, oh well.

I finished a little logo job I did for the next phase of AOG.
Now I'm sending a few resumes in the mail.

I feel productive today.

current mood: productive

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3:13 pm - I need ->
A Gmail invite.

Pretty please?

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Monday, April 4th, 2005
6:51 pm - Sin City




It's beautiful, it's entertaining, it's different and oh so refreshing.

Among the best surprises: Devon Aoki's interpretation of Miho, I was scared that my favorite Asian model starlette would screw it up but fucking hell does she deliver. Remaining along the lines of the silent but awesome roles; Elijah Wood as Kevin. Elijah will freak you out, he never says a single word but he has such fucking presence. Jessica Alba also surprised me in the sense that, not only does she actually acts for once, she actually seemed at her place among the other actors who looked either very particular or had very, very strong features.

Most of the actors are great, while a select few fail to equal the phatness of characters like Dwight, Miho, Kevin and Hartigan. I was a bit disapointed by Mickey Rourke's interpretation of Marv, but it was mainly because of his make-up that mostly made facial expressions impossible... but don't get me wrong, Rourke delivers too... everyone does, some just deliver less than others.

The beauty of the pictures and the way the story is told are probably the two strongest points of this movie. Everything screams free violence vs poetic justice.

This year's very best as of yet.
Well... according to me.

Also, if you liked Sin City's Trailer tune, look below to find the title.

current mood: OMFG

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Sunday, April 3rd, 2005
11:22 pm - YAY
I'm leaving home in 20 minutes, the guys are coming to pick me up and we'll go to Steeve's to smoke weed.

tomorow afternoon we're gonna go see sin city.

I'll try to write my thoughts on the movie tomorow or something.
Have a good week people.

current mood: yay

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9:17 pm - Just a pic
Don't look if you don't wanna see.

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current mood: full

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2:24 pm - Hello Bitches
What a week-end.

Let's get the easy stuff out of the way.

Friday = Drunken fun fun fun with Steeve and Math.

Saturday = We woke up at noon and decided we were gonna hit the McDonald's for a big bad dose of reality. We got there, ordered our food and sat. Not much to our surprise, the TV was showing THE DEATH OF THE POPE LIVE. Anyways he wasent dead just yet. So we started making fun of proletarians and mostly the pope issue, much to the surrounding families' dismay.

What's better than getting stare from idiotic fat ladies who just throw hatefull glance at you because you somehow bruise their beliefs and are too moronic to question their own beliefs instead.

Anyways, we shopped a bit cause Steeve wants to buy a cat. YAY

finally got to rent Devil May Cry 3.
That game rocks but there's something seriously wrong with Dante's eyes in this game, they look so crappy.


The Pope died.
Happy happy Karma. Bad Bad Karma?

Who knows.
Yes the guy was a bigot and needed to stop taking what a few tards wrote in a millenium old books so seriously. He directly pointed his finger at groups of people and branded them as evil, like a witch hunt without the power to execute. He was surrounded by riches while people die of famine and poverty and crime all around the world.

Does that make the guy evil? Not really. Only his beliefs are.

Religion needs to question its beliefs.
Religion needs to stop being an excuse for mass bigotry.
Religion needs to start being a supplement, not a guideline.

Religion needs to die.

Cause if their gods are as GOOOOOOOOOOOD AND FORGETFULL as they pretend him to be, he'll forgive us to have doubted in such a sad, fucked up world.

That's all for now, I hope ya'll had a good week-end.

current mood: calm

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Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
2:02 am - I wanna see Sin City
And hawt hawt Devon Aoki.




current mood: hyper

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Sunday, March 27th, 2005
7:33 pm - hmmm
I don't think I could be less agravated right now.

current mood: aggravated... duh

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Friday, March 25th, 2005
10:56 pm - So long, goodnight.
Heineken has pwned me tonight.
Lots and lots of heinken.
Myh head spins and my salad taste giood.

current mood: hee hee

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
2:39 am - Jeff Weise's livejournal account

and if you don't believe it, check the user info and user pics.
It was created in 2003 and has a picture of him... you can compare and do the math: http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/03/22/school.shooting/index.html

What a prick.

current mood: ...

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Tuesday, March 22nd, 2005
11:07 pm - The sad people
Yes ladies and gentlemen.
There is no escaping it, you're bound to stumble upon a retard in most lj communities.

Moving on from the psychologically impaired to good times.
Last nite was spent at my friend's place.
Watched party monster, drawn, talked, ate sunchips and drank vodka.

The weather is fucking wicked.
You have just no idea. Spring only arrived yesterday and snow is already melting so fast... last week I had snow over my head ( Literally ) and now we already start to see some grass.

The weather has my hyped. I can't wait for the good weater to come back so we can go chill in the old capital, drink on the plains and spend entire nights wandering about.

I need to start exercising to loose the weight I gained during winter, bleh.
I stopped taking my meds too... I didnt tell my doc about stopping but well... I stopped almost 2 weeks ago and all is well. Let's hope it keeps up.

Plz note: I hereby declare war on the morons.

Have a nice week everyone.

current mood: hey fucking tard, die plz

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Saturday, March 19th, 2005
3:13 am - yay
the party was a blast and I am drunk.
More later.

current mood: sleep plz

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Thursday, March 17th, 2005
12:39 pm - I'm having a geek moment here.
After weeks and weeks I'm finally starting to understand how the goddamn Marvel Universe Tabletop system works. Goddamn stones, can'T they just use points like everyone else?

I've been feeling pretty hyper cuz friday I'm going to an electro clash party with a bunch of old friends who are originally from quebec but who were lucky enough to be able to move to montreal. It's gonna be a fucking blast.

Oh and I'm not sure I posted it before but, David Carretta pwns you:

Learn it

Live it

Love it

They better spin some david carretta and trash palace or else I'm going on a rampage.

current mood: goth dexter

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1:14 am - Foire aux vanités
Lookie here, this ain't something you're gonna see often.

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current mood: Shiny

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
12:30 am - funnay again
This is just too much: http://www.anvari.org/cols/Chinese_Man_Photo_Shooting_Style.html

omg omg omfg roflmao laflaflaflaf lololololol!!!!!!!1111111111111oneone

current mood: amused

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Monday, March 14th, 2005
10:10 pm - Va t'faire foutre, toi et toute ta famille.
Weird, weird week-end.
But fun.

I basically went crazy... why?
Cause I didnt do anything the previous week-end.

Much vodka was consumed.
A level of deliriousness often immitated, rarely equaled. Only possible by gathering a bunch of jaded and bitter erudite friends.

My ex is a tard.
Haven't talked to him in ages but I keep updated with all his proletarian retardness by reading his msn handle.

Brain impairment = entertainement?
Only if you're not the one who is brain impaired.

current mood: first time I see dat mood icon

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Thursday, March 10th, 2005
1:54 pm - pwned


current mood: amused

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
10:25 pm - Hello emokids.

Patty speaks words of wisdom.

I'm feeling weird tonight. I Think a lot of JS ( My friend who commited suicide this summer )
I guess it's always like that when you lost someone close to you.


I need something new to kill some time.
I applied for a really cool job, I hope I'll get it.

current mood: help?

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